Ivy League

Ignite Passions For Learning

With a focus on exploring some of the United States’ oldest and most prestigious schools, Ivy League aims to inspire students by creating an immersive experience only offered by the most esteemed institutions. Students will fully experience the Ivy League spirit and atmosphere.


Combination of Leadership and Motivational Courses

Students will, through the Seven Mountains course, embark on an exploration of science and technology, politics and justice, business and management, arts and entertainment, faith and religion, and education and interpersonal relationships. From which they will gain a deeper understanding on how American Society will continue to develop. The course will attempt to broaden the students’ horizons and strengthen their ties to the society.


Father of DRAM

Besides America’s best colleges, students will be given the opportunity to explore in depth some of America’s busiest sites. Most notably IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center. Students will have the opportunity to speak to the inventor of DRAM and IBM Fellow, Dr. Robert H. Dennard.

Find Their Passions

Students will take the “Passion Assessment”, a corporate used assessment in which motivators of each user are identified.