Junior Space School - Astronaut Training

Junior Space School Program integrates culture, space, science, medicine and marine life life for high impact learning experience. Students will get to know what it takes to become a scientist, flight commander and astronaut by taking part in mission simulator training!

Junior Space School Program has all that it needs to immerse students into an experience that encourages self-confidence, patience, teamwork and knowledge-acquiring!

Courses are designed to enrich students on goal setting, project execution, independent thinking and academics. By getting the chance to simulate real-life mission operations, students are encouraged to think from outside of the box, bring out their creative side and solve problems with their teams.


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Applications of science, technology engineering and mathematics in the context of complex space missions
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving
  • Be effective in collaborative team work
  • Learn to set and achieve targets
  • Leadership and influence
  • Creative thinking and innovation
  • Initiative, responsibility and self direction
  • Curiosity and imagination
  • Pursue personal values and set life goals