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November 2014

NASA Live! HASSE hosts Live Streaming Event with Astronaut

On 11/21, HASSE will host a live streaming event featuring Space School special adviser and ex-NASA astronaut, Dr. Leroy Chiao, exclusively for schools in Taiwan. The event will be broadcast live to a total of 20 participating schools from all over Taiwan. 


September 2014

Former Astronaut, Dr. Leroy Chiao, Becomes Chief Special Adviser to Space School

Former NASA astronaut, Dr. Leroy Chiao has signed on as a Special Adviser to Space School Dr. Chiao will be involved in HASSE programs, and will assist in the design of new educational courses. Dr. Chiao was selected as an astronaut in 1990. He was the first Chinese American to perform a spacewalk, and to serve as commander on an expedition to the International Space Station. In 2009, Chiao served on a White House committee to review NASA’s human spaceflight plans.


August 2014

Space Camp founder speaks to students

In August 2014, Space School invited space camp founder, Edward O. Buckbee to speak to their students.

Ed Buckbee gave the students a brief history on the advancement of technology since the Apollo era and how astronauts lived in space.


July 2014

Former Apollo program Technician, David Cisco, Speaks to students

On July 3rd, David Cisco spoke to Space School students and took them on a tour at Space Center Johnson. The students were awed by new cutting edge space technology and the vast Neutral Buoyancy Lab.