Mayan Archaeological Expedition

HASSE has invited the world renowned archaeologist: Dr. Bashad to lead the team. He will take students to the depths of the Caribbean and into the ancient sites of Mayan civilization in Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula. Students will learn about Mayan history, architecture, astrology, hieroglyphs and art and explore ancient Mayan mysteries. At the same time, using hands-on projects to further educate students on Mayan artifacts and structures. 

Chichen Itza Pyramid

Chichen Itza Pyramid

Visit the Cities of the Caribbean

Students will visit several cities during their time with the Archaeological Team. Tulum, an old port town, Coba, the largest Mayan city, Chichen Itza site of the great Mayan Pyramid and other structures and Ek Balam, which houses the most beautiful Mayan Sculptures and artwork. 

The program is designed to highlight students' strengths and to enrich their experiences. This is a "knowing-in-action" and "reflection-in action" type Situational Learning where students will be trained to solve problems and to work in teams.