Get Creative At New York Fashion Camp

Explore The Big Apple

New York is a city that is overflowing with creativity and stylistic flair. Students will experience New York first hand through the viewing and participation of Broadway productions, Avant-Garde design studios and even street performances. They will be encouraged to fully exercise their creativity and to show off their individuality.

Fifth Avenue Fashion Show

Fifth Avenue Fashion Show

Learn From Fashion Industry’s Experts

Guest speakers include merchandising managers, designers, stylists and etc from world renowned brands such as Coach, Victoria’s Secret, Bobbi Brown and others.

Store Tours

Learn about management and the retail industry from an enterprise orientated point of view.

Understanding Branding

Deeper understand of branding and the fashion industry. Topics will include advertising, merchandising, design, management and etc.

Behind The Scenes

Enter the showrooms of various brands, understand the process of retail –from inception until it reaches consumer hand.

Designer Workshops

Work with designers of the fashion industry. Students will enter workshops and examine an artist’s creative space.

Hands-on Projects

Students will explore branding and further build their knowledge on the fashion industry from a business orientated stand point.