School Benefits

Solidify your school’s own values by challenging your students and providing your faculty with exclusive resources. Their two week study program abroad will have them learn critical skills for personal success through hands-on Problem Based Learning, tied with immersive NASA coursework.

Your school will have access to a direct conference line to NASA scientists, allowing you to offer an innovative curriculum beyond the norm, whilst a selected teacher attends and coaches students on their journey abroad, compliments of Space School.


Benefit from live interactions with NASA experts via high definition video conference just like having NASA at your school compliments of Space School.

Educators Experience HASSE Unique Teaching Methods

Educators will get a chance to experience Space School’s unique teaching method to supplement your curriculum in the classroom, plus have the opportunity to meet NASA’s experts, and deepen their knowledge on different fields of study.

Connect to an International Academic Platform

Become the bridge to connect students to an international academic platform and enrich students’ vacations.

Better Counsel and Guide Students

Space School will help educators identify students’ goals and passions, allowing to better counsel and guide students' personal growth and aspirations.

Add a Unique Study Program

Adding our unique Space School program to existing curriculum will act as stimuli to raise the interest of prospective and current students.