Senior Space School Guest Speakers

NASA scientists, engineers and astronauts will be invited as guest speakers to further educate students in different fields of study. Guest speakers will encourage and motivate students to expand their interests and delve deeper into the fields of science and management.

Lastly, the guest speakers’ guidance will play an important role in helping students discover, face and ultimately solve problems they encounter during their time in the Space School.


Heather Paul

Topic: Principles of making the EVA spacesuit

  • NASA Johnson Space Center - Life-support systems chief engineer (NASA) 
  • Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Part of the NASA Advanced Extravehicular Activity Team
  • Involved in the design and development of space extravehicular tool


Dr. John-David Bartoe

Topic: Space life experience and experience sharing

  • NASA International Space Station Commander
  • Responsible for the International Space Station research project and hardware maintenance


Satish Reddy

Topic: Space Shuttle and International Space Station structural construction

  • NASA Space Shuttle Engineer
  • Troubleshooting hardware problems on the International Space Station


Patrick Buzzard

Topic: The purpose of the construction of the International Space Station

  • US Diplomat in support of NASA's International Space Station (ISS) Program
  • International Space Station International Public Relation Liaison


Dr Richard A. Scheuring

Topic: Space Physiology

  • Constellation Lead for Medical Operations Integration
  • Participated in several space missions
  • Involved in research and development of space suits.


Dr. Jennifer Rochlis

Topic: Making the next generation of robotic Robonauts

  • Johnson Space Center human factors and robotics engineer
  • Master's and Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Aerospace & Space 
  • NASA Automation, Robotics and Simulation Team


Holly Ridings

Topic: The operation of the International Space Station

  • NASA Flight Director
  • Thermal Operations and Resource Officer, supporting console operations for the Space Station thermal control systems


Joel Montalbano

Topic: International Space Station operations of international cooperation

  • Orbit 3 ISS International Space Station flight director

  • US-Russian International Space Station program important contacts 


Dominic Del Rosso

Topic: Spacesuits

  • NASA, low-gravity laboratory scientist.
  • 8 years experience in design and testing of spacesuits worn by astronauts when they venture outside the space shuttle
  • Flight K-9, KC-135, Space Shuttle launch photography