HASSE Space School Alumni Testimonials

A once in a lifetime experience!

In its 10 year history, Space School has had thousands of alumni from all over the world. Space School alumni include students who have gone on to attend prestigious colleges and universities such as Stanford University, UC: Berkeley, University of London, University of Melbourne, NYU, Princeton etc.


Eric, Carnegie Mellon University

"I had wonderful expectations about HASSE Space Space before I went. After Space School ended, I thought it really went beyond my expectations. I learned and was inspired. We also visited cool places like the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. HASSE Space School was a life-changing experience."

Anthony, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

"I really enjoyed the past two weeks here at the Space School Program. Not only did I realize my dream, but also achieved a lot of breakthroughs with the help of my team."

Mia, Waseda University

"I had a chance to be one step closer to my dream. The encouraging words from James and all Space Program teachers deeply touched me, making me believe that although it seems impossible, I have all the abilities and potentials to achieve anything I want. I feel something building up in my heart, growing bigger every moment, urging me to pursue my dream. If I have to sum up this trip in to a few words, I would say “I’ve found the strength and courage to realize my dream.”

Wayne, University of California, Berkeley

"we had the opportunity to watch NASA’s top scientists leading conduct work right in front of our eyes, and even had the chance to speak with some of them. I recommend HASSE Space School not only to students who are interested in space, but to all students who hope to broaden their horizons."