Space School Locations and Activities

Senior Space School students will visit prestigious locations across Houston and take part in simulations and projects that are focused on NASA’s Mars mission. Throughout the program, students will be encouraged to think independently and propose innovative solutions to problems, which they will encounter.

Australian school students will be taken deep into the Johnson Space Center, where they will learn about teamwork and leadership. They will witness fascinating new technologies and speak to world class experts in the fields of space, science, engineering and management. 

By partnering with NASA, Space School is able to ignite students passion for learning by offering 4 Major Courses and 3 Unique Experiences in their exclusive Space School curriculum.


Engage in 4 Major Courses 


Team Projects


Cultural Studies


Teamwork & Leadership


Motivational Courses

Be Inspired from 3 Unique Experiences


Business Competitions

Students are given a $400 million budget to plan and manage a NASA operation. Students must efficiently plan and build rockets and rovers etc.

Working in teams students will devise new applications for existing technology.


Space Missions

Engage in fully immersive simulations and feel the excitement of performing space missions.

Experts and Astronauts will share their experiences with students through a series of lectures.


Exclusive VIP Tour

Access areas restricted to the general populace. View the latest technology and robotics up close and personal.

Tour mission control centers of the International Space Station and Apollo missions. Meet with top NASA scientists.

Space Center Houston 

Students will have the rare opportunity to visit Space Center Houston and facilities, such as the Johnson Space Center, Astronaut Training Center, the Saturn V rocket, the Mission Control Center, etc. Students will learn about NASA and space through a series of inspiring guest speakers that include NASA scientists, engineers and astronauts.


Oil Drilling Platform

Students will visit an oil drilling platform and see, first-hand, behind-the-scenes operations. Moreover, students will be required to use their creative thinking and problem solving skills to create a makeshift oil rig out of dough within the time limit.


Rice University

Students will visit Rice University, known as “Harvard of the South” and one of the top university in the United States. The guest speaker, NASA’s lead parachute designer, Professor Tayfun will lecture on Bernoulli’s principal, fluid dynamics and parachute mechanics.


Challenger Learning Center

Students will participate in space mission simulations taking on the roles of scientists and engineers. Students will learn risk management and work in teams to successfully complete their mission.

Challenger Learning Center | Oil Drilling Platform | Professor Tayfun’s lecture | Johnson Space Center – Astronauts’ space suit | Johnson Space Center – Lunar Rover

Challenger Learning Center | Oil Drilling Platform | Professor Tayfun’s lecture | Johnson Space Center – Astronauts’ space suit | Johnson Space Center – Lunar Rover