Senior Space School Program

Senior Space School Program is designed for students ages 15 and up. Australian School students will have the opportunity to tour NASA facilities and learn from scientists and engineers who work in the space program. This program includes hands on simulations and projects that are focused on NASA’s Mars mission program. Students will simulate the launch and landing of a robotic rover on Mars.

Besides understanding the engineering involved in the landing, students will be given a budget and be required to use their risk assessment and managerial skills to plan the mission. Students will build rover prototypes and use them in competitions with other groups. Students will also experiment with computer simulations, and participate in underwater scuba diving activities.

Senior Space School Program has been a tremendously successful curriculum for Houston Association for Space and Science Education and we have been actively partnering with Space Center Houston for the past several years to inspire and motivate students as only NASA can.


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply management principles in innovative and complex environments
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving
  • Learn to set and achieve targets
  • Lead through influence
  • Encourage to challenge themselves
  • Be effective in collaborative teamwork
  • Initiative and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Curiosity and imagination
  • Pursue personal values and set life goals