Student Testimonies

Klara, Singapore American School / Mission Control Center

"Space School has taught me that no matter how crazy your idea is, you should really speak it out, because it takes radical ideas to succeed in the projects concerning fields never explored."

Oliver, American International School of Sydney / Space Shuttle Orbiter

"This camp is the best camp I ever joined! Teachers are really nice to us and good to teach us! Also, I had a great time and tried many new things and learned new things! If I can join HASSE camp again, I want to join again!"

Daniel, Shanghai American School / Astronaut training simulation

"I learned a lot in this space school, so much I can’t cover, but the most important thing is that winning or losing doesn’t matter, as long as we grow, both in the mind and the spirit."

Peter, Australian International School Bangkok / Extra-vehicular activity

"I think I'm lucky that I joined the Space School, because I learned more things that I didn't know and I made a lot of friends in this camp…I also learned that what is the "teamwork", every activity let us know we have to work together to do everything… I learned so much of this space camp."